What are the best online casino games?

Online casinos are all the rage with both novice and experienced players enjoying the various applications wherever they are, at any time from their computer, tablet or mobile phone. But which online casino games are the most popular and adrenaline-pumping? Let’s take a closer look at the games with a top 3 on what is popular with players.


Online poker

This popular game dates back to the 19th century with the conquest of the American West and the mythical games that could be seen in the saloons and boats that sailed down the Mississippi. Today, there are millions of regular players around the world who compete in frenzied live games. And it’s only natural that this game remains one of the best in online casinos, with the ability to play live and better prepare your strategy, away from the eyes of other players.

The game consists in finding the **best combination of cards **(straight, flush…) to win the bet and get the chips from the opponents. Via a traditional pack of cards (52 cards), players are dealt cards and can raise the bet or fold if they think they cannot win their turn.


Blackjack dates back to the 18th century but was popularised in the upper circles of Paris from the beginning of the 19th century. Blackjack conquered casinos around the world, whether in Germany, Monaco or across the Atlantic, and became one of the most popular games in large land-based casinos, with the opportunity to play against the most prestigious dealers.

BlackJack is a card game where each card has its own value (1 to 10 for the numbered cards, 11 for the jack…). The objective is to reach the **highest score **without ever exceeding 21. Each player tries to beat the dealer to win the bet and to know if they have to draw a card to get the highest score without ever exceeding the limit.

Online Roulette

Roulette remains a must-have game in land-based casinos and it is only natural that all online casino operators offer this game. Roulette consists of betting on a number, a colour, a family of numbers (odd/even), a column, a line or several numbers in order to win the bet. The dealer throws a ball on a moving roulette wheel and the ball lands on one of the numbers (37 numbers in classic roulette, 38 in American roulette) to determine the winner or winners. The lower the** probability **of the bet (choice of one number among 37), the higher the winnings (up to 35 times the stake).